Sunday, April 4, 2010

To infinity...AND BEYOND!!!

So this weekend was General conference. Luckily I was able to watch all of the sessions. The two on Saturday I watched from my apartment. Then the priesthood session I went to a chapel. To my huge surprise, I ran into a mission buddy! He is from southern california and was up here visiting friends, it was great to see him. His name is (or was I guess) Elder Guerrero, and I lived with him for about 6 months in the mission including the MTC. We were never companions though, we just lived together.

This morning I went to turn conference on at 10, and I discovered that the projector was gone! Cameron, my roomate, must have come home and taken it sometime between late last night and early this morning. At least thats what I'm hoping. Otherwise its stolen. So I had to find somewhere else to watch conference, and I ended up missing most of the first speaker, but all well. So the weekend was good, went to see my roomate in a play at UVU on Friday night, which was good. So yah I think that is about it. I now end this blog. It seems like its been awhile since I've written...

Sunday, March 21, 2010


ok well lets see how fast I can pump this blog out. So the weekend was pretty good, i went to a volleyball game Friday night, then on Saturday I went to my brothers house. Saturday was also my birthday. For my birthday dinner, I had some kind of steak, which was rolled around fetta cheese and spinach, and then barbequed. It was good. Over the weekend unfortuanetley I was also a little bit sick, I started to come down with a a cold which I still have . Sunday I went to my brother's ward. I helped out with their Sunbeams class (actually, I really didn't do much of anything but sit there). Still, it was fun to be back in primary I guess. Just got home a few minutes agbo and opened a package that had been waiting for me since yesterday, so that was fun. ASlright well I think that is about it for this fantastic blog of mine. So you all next time. Stay tuned for an unexciting tale. Peace out and have a nice week.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Well its that time of the week again. Time for my blog. I’m feeling a little less than excited for the blog this week, but it has got to be done so here goes.

Well maybe I can write about the basketball game I went to on Saturday. I was originally planning on studying in the morning and then taking a Portuguese test around 12 or 1, but I got a text from friend about the game so I bagged that plan and ended up taking my Portuguese test early so I could get to the game on time.

So we arrived early because it was a big game against New Mexico which would basically decided the conference championship. Actually, as sad as it is, this was the first game I ever went to. So yah, we went and it was good, all up until the end when we lost. So we pretty much lost the conference. All well. But yah it was a good experience, next year I plan on going to more games. And that’s the end of this chapter. Goodnight.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Before Yoc-Town There Was West-Sac (Part X of X)

Okay, now it’s time for a few church memories to end this thing.

Memory #1- Maggie Smith. When I was little I don’t think I actually knew her name, because my four/five year-old friends and I always just referred to her as “the gum lady”. Every Sunday she would bring gum for us. She would usually bring our favorite, the fruity kind; the days when she only had Trident were disappointing, and the days when she had no gum at all were depressing. I remember spending a good deal of time running through the halls during or after church in search of her. Sometimes she was hard to find; after all, she was much bigger than Waldo, but she wasn’t inclined to remain stationary. But just as success has a way of finding the diligent, so Eric had a way of finding Maggie Smith.

Memory #2- Candy With Bishop Goddard. After church, Bishop Goddard would go to his office. He had a jar of candy, and all the primary kids would go stand in a line outside his office to claim the candy that he was willing to give away. The only catch was that you had to say one of the articles of faith in order reap your reward. I think the point was to encourage the primary kids to memorize all the articles of faith, but I found that if I just repeated the first one week after week I could get candy just the same. So that’s what I did. My friend Bryan once suggested I memorize the second, but my theory was ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’

So that rounds out my childhood. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Buy a Stranger a "Coke"

Mission: Buy Someone a “Coke”
Purpose: a) Go outside of one’s comfort zone, and b) mess with peoples’ minds.


Around 6 P.M. Saturday evening, I found myself in the laundry room o the Marin apartments. I needed both washing machines, and found one empty and full (and done). In that moment I decided to buy my stranger a “coke”, i.e., instead of just moving the clothes into the dryer to get them out of my way, I was going to put the quarters in and start the dryer for the unknown person. I was grabbing the quarters from my plastic bag, however, when the person walked in; my plan was foiled! I was mad that he came in when he did, but I realized it would have been a lot more awkward if he had walked in 10 seconds later. So my first attempt to accomplish this challenge failed. As such I am giving myself an extension and will write my future experience on this blog when I succeed.

In my next blog I will finish the series about my childhood.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Before Yoc-Town There Was West-Sac (Part 3 of X)

I’ll never forget the day I received my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures. I no longer needed to use my imagination with spoons and forks. Then there was the day when I could not find my sister while playing hide and go seek. I searched all over the house, and nothing. Then I heard a yell from outside, “MOOOVE OVER BUTTERRRRR!!!!” I ran outside and found my sister on top of the monkey bars. I learned later that she was repeating the words of a commercial. That made a lot more sense than what I had originally imagined, that is, Katie getting angry at the butter while cooking on top of the play-set.

One time while playing baseball in the front yard with brothers and neighbors, my neck started to hurt. I went inside, and I couldn’t move my head without immediately feeling sharp pain in my neck. I laid down on the couch and had one of those electric hotpads placed underneath my neck to soothe the muscles. I was informed by mom that this was called a “stiff neck.” Luckily, I only got a stiff neck one other time in my life, when I was 12, from staring at the TV for 8 straight hours while playing Donkey Kong 64. From this experience I learned two things: move my head occasionally while playing, and more importantly, play for less than 8 hours at a time.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Before Yoc-Town There Was West-Sac (Part 2 of X)

One of my earliest memories as a child comes from the house of my friend/accomplice Bryan Goddard. One day while playing, we decided to find out if his small dog, Blazer, could fly like Snoopy. So we took him to the top of the stairs, balanced him on the banister, and gave a shove. It turns out that dogs behave more like rocks than birds, at least when it comes to flying. Included below is a picture of my reunion with the beast, taken before my senior year of high school, roughly 13 years after the incident just mentioned. Blazer has since passed away, but he lived to be well over 100 in dog years. Clearly what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

For some reason a lot of my childhood memories were with dogs. My neighbor Andy had a dog named Duke, who was just as mean as Tammy was (see previous article), only more powerful. I don’t remember what kind of dog he was; must have been a Rottweiler, or maybe a pit-bull. Anyway, one day Duke got out, and Andy was trying to find him. For some stupid reason, some of the neighbor kids and I were helping him. Andy ended up leaving us and going around the corner. Next thing we knew we all heard a scream, "DUKIE!!!" and saw Andy running back around the corner, with Duke the savage rot-bull hot on his trail. We quickly joined the fleeing Andy as we looked for the closest house to enter to avoid being eaten by Duke. It was like the Sandlot, but real life. We entered Andy’s next door neighbors house until the moment had passed. I don’t remember what happened after that, but I am still alive to tell the tale and that is all that matters.